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Click on the Idea Exchangers below to read Jim Paluch’s thoughts on his new book, The Depressed Motivational Speaker, People Solutions newsletters he wrote in the past, or other topics. Then give some input on what you think at the bottom of the page. This will be the opportunity for you to give a short, thoughtful response to the topic being presented, and the input you give will be the basis for discussions and debates to follow.

Jim Paluch and Barry Edwards Podcast

The Warts Are Gone

Click here to get your handson a copy ofTHE DEPRESSED MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER Barry Edwards has been a friend of mine for nearly 30 years. He has also been the graphic designer and marketing resource for JP HORIZONS, helping with our first logo and updates through the years. He has created websites, branding for many of our our events and programs, and he has been involved with the creation of all of our book covers starting with the original FIVE IMPORTANT THINGS cover in 1996. Through those years, there have been periods where we talked every day, laughed, fought, not talked

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Jim Paluch Video Thumbnail

The Depressed Motivational Speaker

Jim Paluch shares the background of The Depressed Motivational Speaker and three key ideas from the book to help people move beyond depression or whatever obstacle that may be in their path. Click here to buy a copy of The Depressed Motivational Speaker Exchange Your Idea Below A great big thanks to everyone who has gone to AMAZON and ordered copies of THE DEPRESSED MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER! Your notes and comments on the story have certainly INSPIRED me! Thank you so much! I hope you will tell others about it, and that it sparks great conversations for you and others! Let me

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Mile a Day

Are You Up for a Challenge?

It has always been frustrating for me when stepping on the scale and watching the resulting number on the dial continue to inch up toward a new plateau. This has happened on far too many occasions over the past 40 plus years of caring about such numbers. In high school, 145 moving to the 150s was just a natural progression. I can blame it on the pizza, but college brought on the 160s followed by marriage and Beth’s cooking taking me to the 170s. Next came a real career and raising a family where I would grab something on the

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Acronym for EDIFY

Idea Exchanger – Edify

There is a word that has been on my mind and hopefully in my actions over the past week. So much so that it caused me to go back to February of 2009 to find a newsletter dedicated to it. Below is an excerpt from that newsletter and here is a link if you choose to read the entire thing. As promised in the first idea exchanger, it is followed by what I think I was thinking in 2009 when I wrote it and what I am thinking about it today. After that is the opportunity for you to tell

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Builder and Destroyer

Idea Exchanger – Choices

Read the excerpt below from a February 2004 issue of People Solutions about Choices and then Jim’s thoughts from Then and Now about the excerpt. After that, we have two questions for you, and your answers will inspire others to participate and make this Idea Exchanger process a valuable learning experience for all of us. Excerpt from People Solutions on February 6, 2004 CHOICES You get the point: it’s all a choice. From the moment you open your eyes in the morning until you close them again that night, you will be consciously and subconsciously making choices of what to

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