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Energize your team

Being the best leader for your company just got easier.

People Solutions Analysis

Growing your lawn and landscaping team comes with a lot of responsibility. 

You've learned over the years that leading the charge for your people requires trust and communication. 

  • When the sales team is out of gas, you passionately inject more fuel.
  • When your field supervisor doesn't know what to do next, you lead by example.
  • When your operations manager is stressed, you calmly walk through the plan.
  • When a new hire has an issue, you work with and listen to them on a personal level.

We understand you can't always do it alone.  

JP Horizons helps you continually strengthen your PEOPLE SOLUTION MUSCLES, so that you can solve even the biggest problems that come your way!

Landscape Owner/Leader

Be the Best Leader for Your Company!

People Solutions Analysis
Find Great People

Find Great People

The competitive labor market makes it a struggle to find competent and qualified employees.  Stay ahead of your competition with proven techniques you learn from leaders all over the country.

Grow more leaders

Grow More Leaders

It's hard to communicate the direction of the company to every single team member when you're the only one in charge. Elevate your soft skills and develop career paths to take key employees to higher level positions. 

Gain Accountability

Gain Accountability

Finding someone to talk to and get clear answers from isn't easy when you're the boss. Build peer to peer friendships that last a lifetime through online networking and lively JP Horizons events. 

Balance your life

Balance Your Life

You don't need to spend Saturdays at the office catching up on paperwork anymore. Discover the metrics and benchmarks that will help you remember why you started your business and balance your life. 

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Face to Face Events

Highwoods Retreats


Michael Hatcher Face to Face
Highwoods Retreat for Owners

Go behind the scenes of an elite lawn and landscaping company.

Immerse yourself and your team with fellow landscape business leaders all around the United States. You'll get an in-depth look into their processes and systems and leave with confidence to take action. 

Get in-depth, personalized coaching in the mountains of Asheville.

Highwoods is an all-inclusive experience in North Carolina. With only 10 spots open in each event, the champion from your company will build intimate relationships in a unique environment.

Learn More
Learn More

Be the Best Leader for Your Company!

People Solutions Analysis