Are You Up for a Challenge?

Mile a Day

It has always been frustrating for me when stepping on the scale and watching the resulting number on the dial continue to inch up toward a new plateau. This has happened on far too many occasions over the past 40 plus years of caring about such numbers. In high school, 145 moving to the 150s […]

Idea Exchanger – Edify

Acronym for EDIFY

There is a word that has been on my mind and hopefully in my actions over the past week. So much so that it caused me to go back to February of 2009 to find a newsletter dedicated to it. Below is an excerpt from that newsletter and here is a link if you choose […]

Idea Exchanger – Choices

Builder and Destroyer

Read the excerpt below from a February 2004 issue of People Solutions about Choices and then Jim’s thoughts from Then and Now about the excerpt. After that, we have two questions for you, and your answers will inspire others to participate and make this Idea Exchanger process a valuable learning experience for all of us. […]