The Last One

Jim and Grandchildren

Once again, I’m staring at a blank computer screen, hoping that my fingers will soon pick up the signal from my brain and cause the words to appear that will show me what I’m thinking. There is something about arriving at the “last one” of anything that can cause an entire range of emotions. Does […]

Lessons Learned from You

Builder and Destroyer

One of the most rewarding parts of the work I have done over the past 32 years has been the tremendous lessons I have been able to learn from all of you. I’ve often said that I think I’ve learned more from you than you could have ever learned from me. As I contemplate some […]

Make Yourself Indispensable

Children around Birthday Cake

“Dad, let me tell you something. If Linda were to ever leave, you might as well shut the doors at JP Horizons.” If that were just a passing conversation, the comment might have brought on a little chuckle thinking it was one of my sons talking trash. The thing is, I would not be able […]

Be a Great Teammate

Bob and Jim Playing Guitars

THANK YOU seems like a great place to start. Thanks for all your tremendous e-mails after last week’s PEOPLE SOLUTION NEWSLETTER. You were all supportive and kind considering our decision to bring the newsletter to a close on December 31, as well as with my decision to start a new chapter and retire from the […]

To Be or Not to Be Controversial?

Picture of Sunrise

There is nothing like a great walk in the woods to get your mind going in so many crazy directions that you ask yourself, “Am I really thinking this?” More on that in a moment; back to those walks in the woods. Since our move to Western Massachusetts, I have enjoyed finding trails, mountain tops, […]