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A Slow Awareness

on 10/25/18 8:00 AM By | Beth Paluch, Vice President and General Manager | 0 Comments | Balance
Every Moment Counts I didn't have to wonder why I had received this particular book as a gift. Its title was unique and stopped me in my tracks just reading the front cover, In Praise of Slowness - Challenging the Cult of Speed.
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How Cluttered Is Your Mind?

on 10/23/18 2:17 PM By | Jim Paluch, President, JP Horizons, Inc. | 0 Comments | 5S Balance
Allow that question to occupy some space in your thoughts even for just a moment . . . How cluttered is your mind? Pause . . . breathe . . . Great Job! Now, let's talk. If we would really reflect on this, I believe most would conclude that it is CLUTTERED. Think about how many times we may have said something like, "My head is full!" "My brain is on overload!" or multiple variations of that concept. And, justifiably so when we consider the noise that we are faced with every day. Some we choose, like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube that have crept in to add clutter, and then there are the real challenges of balancing demands on our time, emails, our active imaginations, etc. You can create your own list of things but it's easy to conclude that the noise can be deafening! 
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on 7/23/18 12:53 PM By | Beth Paluch, Vice President and General Manager | 0 Comments | Balance Meditation
The Value of 5 Minutes In the last couple weeks, I have enjoyed a simple app on my phone that helps you relax and meditate for just a few minutes at a time. Realizing my greatest challenges can be found residing up in my head, I couldn't resist trying out "Headspace" as a starting point to delving into the art of meditation. Whether it is at my desk before starting the day, at a lunch break or between hectic activities during a big event, it is energizing to put my thoughts aside and get a little "Headspace" on a daily basis. Here are a few nuggets that I've retained along with the benefit of instant relaxation:
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