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Human Becoming

Posted by Jim Paluch, President, JP Horizons, Inc. | 2/25/20 11:20 AM

The Privileges of Being Human -

That's an interesting statement, so let's explore it for a few minutes. What would be your number-one answer if you were tasked with the assignment to create a list of the top-ten privileges associated with being human? Go ahead and think about it for a moment, and then let's discuss some possible number-one answers. Perhaps what popped into your mind first was the old cliché, "I'm only human!" Being able to say this is a privilege because it allows us to realize that we are not perfect and, for many of us, far from it. So, we have a free pass to mess up, because we are only human.

You may have thought about the fact that being human allows us to love as your family and friends come to mind. Being able to share that emotion and sincerely care for someone and experience their love and care for you is a privilege.


In considering the privileges of being human, it could be that thinking creatively or having the ability to envision a desired outcome or to set a goal and work toward achieving it comes to mind! Earl Nightingale, one of my first examples of a great motivational author, tells in his audio series, The Strangest Secret, that our ability to think and set goals is what makes us human. Everything else can be found in a pig or a horse . . . He certainly had a way with words and I wore out those tapes starting my career years ago.

Another possible answer that might top your list of human privileges might be the ability to distinguish between right and wrong and then choose between the two. Or, perhaps, your number-one privilege is that being human allows you to recognize and be aware of all of the things on our list and more. Maybe a few of you reading this recognize being human comes with a price that requires working every day, experiencing both achievements and setbacks, pain of a loss or sickness, and the struggle to make it in a world that may not be providing the clearest path to do so.

Whatever comes to mind in considering the responsibility of being a human being, I'm sure we can all agree that being human has more upside advantages than disadvantages.

So, What's Your Point?

845-2Great question, which I guess is another privilege--the ability to formulate and communicate through asking good questions. I'll try to respond with a clear answer. My point is being human is the foundation; it only gets us into the game of life. As a human being, we are simply required to step up to the starting line each day and what happens from there is simply life, and our response to life is how we choose to live. I hope this next statement doesn't sting too much and remember I'm in this with you. Being a HUMAN BEING could be another term for . . . BEING STUCK.

So, What Is a Person to Do?

845-3That's another great question; you have the HUMAN BEING part mastered! The only hope we have of moving forward and taking advantage of our privileges of being a HUMAN BEING is to make the important choice and commitment to follow through and evolve into a HUMAN BECOMING. I hope you will keep reading from this point, and you may be thinking that this term sounds a little hokey or contrived. It is a concept, however, that has stuck with me since my late teens. It is not a new idea. I picked it up in several books and from a variety of authors and speakers. I challenge you to stop and think about it and answer this question: What does it mean to be a HUMAN BECOMING?

Possibly some of the answers coming to you could be summed up in the concept of simply getting better. As a human becoming, we are constantly looking for those small steps that will enable us to make improvements in any part of our lives. A human becoming is getting better every day and, in doing so, is discovering the privileges of personal choices, commitment, and winning!

The Privileges of a HUMAN BECOMING

Once again, let me ask you a question. What do you see as your number-one answer to what privileges are associated with a Human Becoming? Here are a few things that would be on my list.

845-5APPLYING WHAT WE HAVE LEARNED. Human becomings have an acquired wisdom made possible through the lessons they have learned from the success and setbacks in their past. A lesson does not become wisdom until it is first recognized as a teachable moment for us when it happens and then is applied to a situation in the future. This quality found in a Human Becoming creates a quiet calmness and humility, very often associated with great leaders, wonderful parents, and the tremendous individuals who come and go in our lives. 

PLANNING FOR A GREATER FUTURE. The habit of having an optimistic view from wherever we are standing in life allows a Human Becoming to enjoy setting goals and planning the next steps toward a greater future. As we realize the journey we are on is going to be a series of peaks and valleys, it will allow us to see whatever is happening "now" is not the main event. There is always the opportunity to make something better happen in the next step with the privilege to plan for a greater future.

845-4TAKING ACTION . . . NOW. If we recognize the wisdom we have acquired and our ability to plan for a greater future, then the only thing that would hinder us from excelling as a HUMAN BECOMING is an unwillingness to be present and aware of where we are today and having the confidence to take the next step. As Human Beings, we can often get stuck in the past, reliving our achievements or fretting over the failures. Being stuck, in fact, can become very comfortable, so much so that we may not move from it. Also being human will often find us talking about the things we want to do and confusing that with the success of actually doing them. We can get stuck in the past and fixated on the future and forget all about today! Human Becomings realize there is no trick, gimmick, or shortcut to being in the moment and making the most of today. It is a conscious effort that happens the moment our feet hit the floor and ends as our eyes close at night. That effort is inspired by our understanding of where we are today and accepting that our current state is only temporary. Understanding and acceptance will give the Human Becoming confidence, and confidence will inspire us to take ACTION toward the greater future we are planning for!

Being a HUMAN BECOMING is a way of life and is evident in an individual's passion, attitude and commitment to making a difference not only in their own life, but in the lives of every human being they have the privilege of meeting in the journey! It is wonderful to recognize the privileges we have as HUMAN BEINGS and as HUMAN BECOMINGS, knowing that they have the potential to make an incredible difference to us and everyone around us. 

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Written by Jim Paluch, President, JP Horizons, Inc.

Jim has helped thousands of individuals and organizations across North America excel over the past 30 years. He has written hundreds of articles and been published as an industry expert throughout those years dozens of times. Jim's ability to help audiences address obstacles and discover opportunities that lie between the current state they are in and the future state they desire to move toward is remarkable. His talent in facilitating a group and creating a collaborative effort where ideas and solutions can emerge to be implemented always produces inspiring results for everyone involved.

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