Working Smarter Training Challenge

A Process to Improve Your Processes

What Is Working Smarter?

NatureWorks Working Smarter MeetingThe WORKING SMARTER TRAINING CHALLENGE is a proven training strategy that helps you develop your people while driving waste from processes and adding value to the customers you serve. As you create a team of individuals all looking for ways to work more efficiently, you will enjoy improved communication and a unified vision to WORK SMARTER in everything that you do.

The WORKING SMARTER TRAINING CHALLENGE is the most unique and cost-effective way to create a culture of consistent training
within your organization. The process is simple; the results astounding!

Who Can Benefit?

Working Smarter Process MappingOver 400 organizations that range from retail to service to leisure and manufacturing have used the program to increase profitability and improve the quality of life at all levels of the organization.

If your organization is seeking to WORK SMARTER, then the Working Smarter Training Challenge is the SMART TRAINING TOOL to help you and your team create consistent positive results!

How Does It Work?

The methodology of the training, the support of JP Horizons and the relevance of the content for organizations today insure successful training and results.

Key Steps in the Process

Sample Working Smarter LessonThe content-rich lesson plans enhanced by audio coaching give you the foundation for a great meeting every time.

  • The agendas provide a natural solution for consistent training where you can hold yourself accountable. 
  • A network of 100’s of other companies gives you a vast knowledge base for better practice sharing through a variety of venues. 
  • The ongoing support from JP Horizons provides not only decades of experience but innovative and effective coaching solutions. 
  • The consistency, accountability, content and thorough lesson plans all enhance your company’s ability to communicate and perform.

What Can You Expect?

  • Working Smarter Training ScheduleTeam Cohesiveness
  • Personal Growth
  • Improved Communication
  • Leadership Development
  • Process Improvement
  • Customer-Focused Performance
  • Increased Profitability

Jim Paluch Talks about Partnering with Your People


Results that Matter

Chris SenskeSenske Services

Senske PB&J Lesson on ProcessesWe started the WSTC in March 2008 working with the maintenance department in our Kennewick Branch. The immediate result was a group of great team members feeling like someone really cared about what they were doing. They weren't just getting beat up all the time and feeling like losers. Before the WSTC, they knew they were working hard . . . we knew they were working hard. Hard work just didn't show up on the bottom line. The second result was they started to care about what they were doing. Third, and this is the real value of the WSTC, they started to suggest and advise how they could do their jobs better. By week 26 of the program, we had reduced labor inputs on some contracts as much as 35%. Injuries were down, accidents were down and other departments were jumping in wanting to be part of the WSTC training program.

Alliance Benefit Group

Alliance Benefit Group Working Smarter CelebrationAs a recordkeeping firm for qualified plans, we actually work closely with many banks that provide investment or trustee services. We pride ourselves on checks and balances and tight operations like a bank would require. I think any entity looking to cut waste from basic processes will benefit from the Working Smarter Training Challenge.

Tim LakeT. Lake Environmental Services

T. Lake Working Smarter MeetingWhen we embarked on the LEAN journey, we expected to become more efficient and better organized in all that we do. What we didn’t expect was the monumental awareness that has developed and the understanding of the impact that each of us has on the company.

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  3. Schedule and have your first Working Smarter meeting.
  4. JP Horizons will continue to support you as you move through the program.