Energize Your Team

Energize Your Team

Energize Your Team

Jim Paluch

Speaker, Author, and Actipreneur

Jim Paluch loves to speak. But, more than speaking, he loves to listen and it has been his outstanding listening skills used in working with hundreds of organizations over the past 30 years that have helped him become an unforgettable and inspirational public speaker. Jim understands people and knows how to create an environment where they can learn and have fun at the same time. With an energizing and down-to-earth delivery, Jim is able to captivate every audience regardless of its makeup and send every individual away with knowledge to implement for immediate results in their business and personal lives. His dynamic presentation on Builders and Destroyers has been acclaimed as "life changing" and "pivotal" for organizations around the country.

Jim’s 3 books have sold over 600,000 copies, and he has written hundreds of articles and been published throughout those years dozens of times. His motivational newsletter has reached 7,500 readers weekly over the past 15 years.

Jim has created innovative training programs like the Face-to-Face Tour, the Working Smarter Training Challenge, Leadership Jams, Sales Jams and Owners Network that have elevated the businesses and leaders in hundreds of companies across North America. He is also founder of Come Alive Outside, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that helps landscape professionals actively engage children, adults and entire communities in collaborative projects that promote healthier lives outside.

“I personally enjoyed your messages and your unique delivery, and you were such a delight to meet in person! We do meet many presenters, and it’s always such an exceptional experience to find someone who is so sincere in who they are, matching that identically with their message to others. I know many people who were thankful to experience your enthusiasm, zest for appreciation & your most welcome approach to looking at people and experiences.”
Susie Bowie, Program Associate for Communications,
Community Foundations of Sarasota County

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Jim Paluch Speaking

Check out the clips below from one of Jim's most loved talks on Builders and Destroyers  

Popular Topics

Jim Paluch Builder Talk

Builders and Destroyers

Only Two Types of People

Every great thing that has ever been accomplished or will be accomplished has or will happen through great people. But, what are the qualities that make a difference and how can you surround yourself with people that have them? In this energizing and highly interactive seminar, Jim Paluch helps participants see that there are only two types of people in life, "Builders" and "Destroyers." Through a fun look at yourself and those around you, you'll learn what creates Destroyers and the “Five Important Things” that Builders consistently do.


Jim Paluch Working Smarter Talk

Working Hard at Working Smarter

Working Smarter simply means doing more with what you already have in the most efficient ways. Working Smarter allows a company to create the best culture possible based on great communication and teamwork driven by a focus of delivering the best experience to your customers. What if everyone on your team knew how to work hard at working smarter? Jim will share specific things that great companies do to develop a WORKING SMARTER culture and will give you the opportunity to also share better practice ideas with your peers. This workshop is a great opportunity for owners and leaders to renew their focus and enthusiasm needed to inspire their own team to begin WORKING HARDER AT WORKING SMARTER.


Bolthouse Organizational Excitement

Organizational Excitement

Energizing Your Team! Jim Paluch has passion and 16 years of experience in coaching companies to reach their potential. In this high-impact seminar, he shares insights that are propelling companies around the country toward a higher level of success. By focusing on the fundamental business and utilizing the most valuable resource available to your company, YOUR PEOPLE, you can develop a long-term strategy to solve problems and create an atmosphere of energized individuals working together toward a common vision. 

Roundtable Olympics

Roundtable Olympics

Few meetings are more effective than topic-focused roundtable discussions where individuals can share ideas and brainstorm plans of action. By interspersing team-driven "Olympic Events" with these vital topics being discussed, participants have great fun while waking up the right sides of their brains and providing tremendous input. Teams not only compete for the bronze, silver and gold Olympic medals, but they leave with a renewed sense of camaraderie, and ideas to implement immediately.
Building a Bridge to Unity

Building the Bridge to Unity

While creating a fun atmosphere and an imaginary situation of saving an aborigine tribe known a "TeamWorkas" from the man-eating tribe known as the "NoThinkas," managers are teamed up with 5-8 other managers in the organization and must build a 14-foot suspension bridge using dowel rods, popsicle sticks and glue guns. In the fun atmosphere of a tropical village, your group will relax and have fun working through the challenge presented and will never forget the process necessary to cross "Obstacle Gorge."