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What is a Smart Company?

A JP Horizons Smart Company is more than a sponsor. They are an advocate of change and progress for the Outdoor Living Professional and the markets they serve. The Smart Companies make a commitment to participate, provide insights, engage in education and build support for the events and as a result, relationships emerge with like-minded individuals and companies. Many thanks to the following 2019 Smart Companies!

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Greenius provides comprehensive, basic training for landscape crews through a suite of online, educational videos. With over 30 equipment videos in English and Spanish and 8 modules for Crew Leaders/Managers, it is our goal to help landscape company owners take their business to the next level in hiring, retaining and training their people for optimal results, retention and profits.

Arden Urbano

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Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Western Products is the leading manufacturer of snow and ice control products, with a full line of CONTRACTOR GRADE® snow plows for commercial snow plowing as well as personal-use and light municipal snow removal operations. Western Products also offers a variety of hopper and tailgate-mounted ice control sand and salt spreaders, along with a wide selection of performance-enhancing snow plow and spreader accessories and parts.

Mark Adamson

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A proven and trusted company, Fisher Engineering has been producing snow plows, as well as hopper and tailgate mounted ice control spreaders, for more than 70 years in the coastal city of Rockland, Maine. Our industry-leading expertise has earned us a solid reputation among snow plow professionals, enabling our partners to help communities recover from weather events faster and remain safe.

Mark Adamson

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Snow Ex

Headquartered in a state-of-the-art facility in Madison Heights, Michigan, SnowEx offers the most extensive line of sand/salt spreaders and brine sprayers, as well as an array of related equipment. In 2015, the company expanded its product portfolio when it launched a full line of snow plows, ranging from commercial-duty plows to personal-use plows.

Mark Adamson

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Boss LM

BOSS is a strategic software weapon designed to help your business grow and profit. It is delivered as a technology service and helps keep your business organized, attentive to customer needs, and drives accountability throughout your organization.

Mike Cossins

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