Learning comes naturally in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina!

People Solutions Analysis


Find inspiration and connections to help you navigate similar business issues.


Each unforgettable event is tailored to grow individual leaders on your team.

Tap into potential leaders

On every team, there are individuals who are just waiting to make a difference.

You can give them that opportunity. Each event is uniquely tailored to different organizational specialties - Owners, Recruiters, Salespeople, Operations, and Future Leaders. The 2-day agenda focuses on personal growth and accountability to ensure the champion from your company comes back with a clear action plan and confidence to get desired results. The JP Horizons team will then stay committed to keeping each Highwoods group connected and accountable to each other throughout the year.

"JP Horizons has had the greatest and most profound impact on my professional career than any other group in which I am associated. It has given me a dynamic exposure to a diverse group of people across the country - many have become close friends. The idea sharing and business transparency has been invaluable and I've implemented many ideas that I have learned into our business. Without a doubt Jim and his team are making a difference in people’s lives, businesses and families now and into the future."

-Matt Schovel, Swingle Lawn, Tree and Landscape Care
Bob Coulter Hiking at Highwoods Retreat

Highwoods is the perfect backdrop to inspire individuals, enhance careers and energize organizations to attract and grow the greatest people.  

2018 Events

Each event brings champions from around the country together to discover
people solutions that will drive business performance
in your company.

Highwoods Group Painting

Career Enhancement

Help your future leaders grow personally and professionally by giving them the tools and a strategy to advance in your company.


Highwoods Group Sharing Knowledge

Share Your Knowledge

July 16 - 18, 2018

Operations and production leaders know how to get the work done. At Highwoods, they will learn how to get it done through the rest of the people on your team.


Highwoods group gathered around fire

Owner's Summit

July 30 - August 1, 2018

Your ability to expand your vision through the great people you attract and retain will define your company's future.


Highwoods Group Ready to Take Action

Recruiting Great People

Move beyond limiting beliefs on hiring people & understand what recruiting means for the future of the company.
Lurvey at Highwoods on top of the mountain

Beyond Sales Goals

September 10-12, 2018

By exploring the entire sales process fresh ideas will become new actions to build greater sales in 2018 and beyond.

Past Experiences

Mark Borst

"This was one of the best meetings ever! The leadership was fantastic! The location was perfect! The people in the group were outstanding!"

Mark Borst, Borst Landscape

Anita Gottschalk

"From the youngins' of the group to you guys, I learned, I laughed, I was vulnerable (cried a little, hopefully you didn't notice) and felt like part of something meaningful."

Anita Gottschalk, Garrick-Santo Landscape

Tom Wood

"For me this trip was transformational! Truly a world class group of people creating a world class meeting with second to none hospitality!"

Tom Wood, Wood Landscape Services

Mark ADamson

"Highwoods, you are a great venue. My IT guys are right, when you get stuck...reboot! Isn't it amazing that sometimes the best way to get plugged back into the business is to UNPLUG!"

Mark Adamson, Douglas Dynamics

Support Promises

We're committed to you even after your event.

Individualized Idea Sharing

After every event, we record a few participants who share their best takeaways and emphasize key points from their experience. You will receive LIFETIME access to each of these in our 2018 Highwoods Library so that you can re-live your event(s) and learn from others.

Community Think Tank

Tap into the collective genius of your peers through our exclusive Facebook Group. Once you register you'll gain access to engage in conversation, connect with friends and keep the ball rolling in the right direction for your team.

Personal Accountability

There's nothing better than holding yourself and others accountable to the actions you committed to at Highwoods. Look forward to being matched with an accountability partner during the event who will keep you on track 6 weeks after the event is over.

Details of Your Highwoods Journey


18 Highwoods Dr.

Leicester NC 28748

Lodging and Dining

You'll be staying on site with 5-9 other attendees in the 3 units throughout the Highwoods campus.  You will enjoy delicious, home-cooked meals and snacks along with dinner out in town one night. 

Arrival & Departure

Plan to arrive at Highwoods by 2:00 p.m. on the first day and fly out of Asheville after 5:30 p.m. on the final day.

All Inclusive Access

  • All the course material, pre-event reading assignment and post-event book

  • Finalizing the agenda with owner input, completing the owner message from each of you to be used at the event and full facilitation by Jim Paluch

  • All room, food, and extras are included

  • The Highwoods Support Promise 


Tuition for Highwoods ranges from $1,499 - $1,999 per attendee. 

Ready to Participate?

Step 1

Take Your People Solutions Analysis

No matter what stage you are at in your business, it is always beneficial to step back and analyze your people strategies where you feel you are today. After 7 minutes of your reflection, we will be able to translate your feedback into action steps for you and your team. 

Step 2.png

Review Your Results With Us

Our 30 years of experience working closely with landscape professionals allows us to relate with every issue you might be facing today and see steps you can take to move forward. Within 48 hours of completing the People Solutions Analysis, we will set a call for you to review the findings with someone on our team to analyze the results.

Step Three (1).png

Receive Custom Strategy

As your guide to finding the People Solutions that make the most sense for your company, we will suggest the best training tools, peer-to-peer connections, and interactive events in a custom strategy and then invite you to participate in the events that will have the greatest impact on your business and people.

People Solutions  Analysis