Face to Face Events

Go behind the scenes of elite lawn and landscape companies

Face to Face Events

Immerse yourself and your team in the challenge to think differently

Face to Face Events

Connect with like-minded leaders to share best practices

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2019 Face-to-Face Events

There is a maximum of 4 participants per company at each event.

The registration fee per seat is $299.00.

Past Experiences

Kurt Kluznik

"If you attend this event, they might have you stand on your chair & howl. But behind all that, Jim's truly a matchmaker. He brings people together and fosters relationships."

Kurt Kluznik, Yardmaster

Arden Urbano

"I've attended so many of these events that I can't keep count. I keep coming back because while the process is the same, the information is always new and fresh."

Arden Urbano, Greenius

Cheri Ross

"Face to Face makes sure that our team takes the time to stop, think and refocus. Every now and again you need somebody to remind you it's going to be alright."

Cheri Ross, LaurelRock

2019 Face to Face Event Schedule

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Strauser Nature's Helpers
Lambert's Face to Face
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