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It has always been frustrating for me when stepping on the scale and watching the resulting number on the dial continue to inch up toward a new plateau. This has happened on far too many occasions over the past 40 plus years of caring about such numbers. In high school, 145 moving to the 150s was just a natural progression. I can blame it on the pizza, but college brought on the 160s followed by marriage and Beth’s cooking taking me to the 170s. Next came a real career and raising a family where I would grab something on the run and often stopped for ice cream, because the kids love it, and I found myself in the 180s. As a career grows, there are more business dinners, skipping breakfast, and airport food, allowing the 190s to show up. Do you know what happened to me in this plateau? My belts shrank, my pants and suits in the closet never come off the hanger, and the the new clothes I buy always seem to be marked wrong because there is no way I can be wearing that size! I’ve also learned to hold my belly in, wear shirts untucked as my new style emerges, and I constantly argue with the scale outside the shower.

I am in no way suggesting that this has happened to you or that if someone weighs a certain number then it is a bad thing. I am just giving my opinion on the only person I should be opinionated about . . . ME! Back in early April as the scale was reading dangerously close to a new century mark . . . I realized this four-decade trend was not leading to a good outcome for me. It was time to do something about it, and I did because that 197 number is now 183, and I am getting reacquainted with some of my favorite belts and pants, tucking my shirt in again, and stepping on the scale every chance I can. I got back to the things I used to be very good at like working with a trainer to create a workout program that was not just going through the motions. I started making better choices on my eating habits and practiced getting better at it every day. I had been enjoying time on the trails and in the woods, yet it became clear to me that solitude was not creating positive results when I stepped on the scale. I realized I had to start walking with a purpose. That is when the pounds started to melt off, and that brings me to the challenge I would like to present to you.

Mile A Day Picture

30 Mile-A-Day LeaderboardMiles in 30 Days

The 30 Miles in 30 Days Challenge was created by the incredible team at COME ALIVE OUTSIDE. It aligns so well with their mission of “helping people live healthier lives outside.” It is just what the name implies. You are challenged to walk one mile every day for a month. I have participated over the past couple of years just as a nice thing to do, but then something great happened. Come Alive Outside introduced an app that not only tracked my progress but allowed me to compete and talk trash with friends on a team challenging other teams around the country. Now that is walking with a purpose, and it worked! I missed a few days in those 30, but overall I ended up with 56 miles, and, with the app reminding me of the streak I was on, it was at least hard to skip a day. It made a difference!

Linda WalkingI Want You on My Team

Starting June 10, Come Alive Outside is challenging the country to walk 100 miles in 100 days, and I want to have 100 people join me on a team to accept that challenge. JP Horizons will cover the small registration fee, and Linda Coors, who got more miles than I in the 30-mile challenge, will facilitate, making sure everyone gets the app and is ready to go when the challenge starts. I want to name the team the “GO GET ‘EMs” and I am excited about this not only for the health benefits and habits we will all enjoy, but it also gives me a chance to once again interact with 100 of you in the process.

A Call to Action

Go Get 'Ems team logoHere is the process to be part of the GO GET ‘EMs team:

  1. Email Linda Coors at linda@jphorizons.com and let her know your full name and email address and that you want to be on the team.
  2. Linda will respond acknowledging that you want to be on the team.
  3. The challenge starts on June 10, and three days prior to that, Linda will email you with instructions to download the app and provide you with an access code that lets you be part of the GO GET ‘EMs team.
What do you think?

What is going through your head on this topic? Agree? Disagree? Do you have something to add? Do you have an example of how this might apply to you? In the space below, exchange an idea with us and stay tuned as we support each other as we accept the challenge to walk 100 miles in 100 days.

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