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A Need for Consistency Consistency--something inside of us needs it, wants it, and we are often driven to great lengths to achieve it. Our human nature dictates that we are most comfortable when things happen the same way over and over again. Although variety and a sense of adventure keep life interesting and engaging, it is the little consistencies that keep us grounded and feeling in control of our world.
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Are You a Builder or a Destroyer?

on 2/21/18 11:24 AM By | Jim Paluch, President, JP Horizons, Inc. | 0 Comments | Career Success
A railroad crew was working in the hot August sun replacing railroad ties and adjusting tracks. As they labored in the blazing heat, an engine pulls up with a fancy caboose all decked out with company colors, and stops a short distance from the crew. A man in a sharp pinstripe suit steps out of the caboose and yells toward the crew, “John. John Hayes. Is that you?”
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