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A Great Time to Be Kind

on 10/30/20 1:36 PM By | Jim Paluch, President, JP Horizons, Inc. | 0 Comments | Kindness
Have you ever wondered in recent months just what you can do to make a difference in these strange and challenging times? I don’t think we can really comprehend the effects, great and small, taking place in everyone’s lives. Now, over eight months into this pandemic, people are getting tired of the struggle and scared of what might be next. With the uncertainty and strain of avoiding sickness, losing jobs, closing businesses, home schooling and the prospect of no extended family holidays, we also get to endure the weeks leading up to a presidential election. Now you might be thinking, "Jim, this isn’t feeling like the upbeat message I come looking for each week," but it is. I wouldn’t disappoint you. I’ve simply come to assess the current state and remind us all of what time it is. It may feel like the time to be cautious of others, the time to watch out for ourselves and our families, and the time to feel sorry for the things we are missing and not able to enjoy. But I have decided it is a more important time than we could have imagined. IT IS TIME TO BE KIND! What better mantra could we have right now, today, than to just be kind? Never before have we needed an extra dose of patience and kindness more . . . for our spouse, children, coworkers, neighbors, friends and family members that live far away. This newsletter is full of simple ideas that will make you and everyone around you feel better. Oh yes, when you don’t know what to do next, just remember, it’s a great time to BE KIND!
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IF by Rudyard Kipling

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Positive Persuasion

on 8/28/20 10:10 AM By | Jim Paluch, President, JP Horizons, Inc. | 0 Comments | Leadership Communication
Mental Martial Arts The great martial artist masters never go looking for a fight. Their greatness allows them to know how to end a fight before it begins. They are able to control their emotions, actions, and physical talent to avoid being drawn into a situation where no real winner would emerge. As leaders, we have the opportunity to put on our black belt and show our own martial arts skills . . . MENTAL MARTIAL ARTS. It begins when we show an almost "Zen-like" nature when faced with a conflict. What is the response to an irate employee, customer, or even a spouse? Do you heighten their irritation and respond in a negative manner? Or do you rise above it, and allow your calmness to defuse their anger? The leader able to do the latter has mastered the true art of leadership by mastering themselves. You gain the respect of those around you when you are not drawn into conflict.
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Mastering Fear Part 2

  Click here to register for the webinar. "The important thing to remember is that, no matter what the life setting, asking and answering good questions is essential in achieving success and in providing support to help others succeed." Dr. Bob Maurer, MASTERING FEAR HELP! I want to share a sad story, and I would like to do it in a unique way. Would you please help me in writing it, and, if we collaborate successfully, we may be able to give it a happy ending? It is sad for so many reasons. Sad because it does not need to happen. Sad because when it happens, it not only has a devastating effect on the person it is happening to, but it has the potential to devastate any number of people connected with that person. Sad because it is so recognizable in others, yet almost impossible to detect when looking at ourselves. Sad because when you read the story, you may unfortunately think I am talking about someone else, and I am not. Our story could start out like any other, so let's see how our co-authorship goes.
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Mastering Fear Part 1

on 8/7/20 10:08 AM By | Jim Paluch, President, JP Horizons, Inc. | 0 Comments | Fear
Click here to register for the webinar. There are books we read because someone gives them to us and suggests we should read them. There are also the books we go back and read again and again because we found advice that helped us in the past and confidently go back to read them to help us in the present. Then there are those books and authors we truly enjoy because they are simple to understand, and the message is so sincere and straightforward as you read or listen to them, that you feel you're talking with a friend. The two books I've enjoyed by Dr. Robert Maurer have been that way. 
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