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Love What Unites Us

on 7/10/20 11:09 AM By | Jim Paluch, President, JP Horizons, Inc. | 0 Comments | coronavirus COVID-19 Attitude
"TRUMP RULES - DEMS SUCK!"  That is what the individual who shared a story with me recently said he read on the back of the pickup truck he followed into the Home Depot parking lot.   "I stepped out of my car and pulled my bandana up over my nose and mouth," he continued with a slight edge to his voice. "And out of the corner of my eye, I see this guy open his door and jump down out of the truck, no mask, and start walking toward the entrance. I felt a desire to say something, yet thought I should probably refrain because anyone that would have to have a sign in their back window like he had and not wear a mask would probably welcome the confrontation and certainly neither of us would benefit from that."  
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Never Quit

I Almost Quit . . . I was thinking recently about the days of writing my first book,Five Important Things, over 24 years ago. One topic in the book that comes closest to me is the subject this week. You see, I ALMOST QUIT. It wasn't just once or twice; there were several times I almost quit writing this first book. One month into the process, I had a chapter written. In my enthusiasm and exuberance to share this exciting project with others, to show off my writing ability, I handed it to several close friends for their praises. The critiques came back. "The dialogue's a little slow." "It's kind of depressing." "This is just a rough draft, isn't it?" The input from those well-meaning remarks inspired me not to write another word for another three months. In reality, I had quit writing the book.
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We Need More Life

It is an incredible time right now for a profession that sometimes can be overlooked and undervalued by many, yet few can argue the positive impact from the expertise, products, services, and results produced by it. I have been biased about this profession for well over 50 years, even long before I ever knew it existed. I am forever indebted to my parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles for the ritual that happened every spring as the rototillers, hoes, string lines for making rows, seed packages, seed potatoes, tomato plants of all varieties, onion sets and sweet corn were all assembled and positioned to be planted in the garden. At five years old, I lived on a gravel road in Northern, Ohio, where there were seven houses in a row all occupied by my parents, my mom's brothers and sisters, and their families.
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From the moment my RUNNERS WORLD magazine arrived last month, I have been thinking about how to create a newsletter around the interesting topic of STREAKING. For those in your late 50s and above, the words "running and streaking" may draw up a memory of the 1974 Ray Steven's song "They Call Him the Streak." (It was nominated for country music's top single and top album of the year.) Life was much simpler back then, and for those who want to take a trip down memory lane or are just curious about what in the world I'm talking about, we have provided the link to Ray's video at the end of this newsletter. 
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Is Life Passing You By?

I really struggled with the title of this week's newsletter. I certainly have an idea of what I would like to communicate, and possibly presenting some alternative titles will help me get started in doing that. "Has your company outgrown you?". . . "Are you struggling to stay relevant?". . . "Have you given up and hope no one notices?" Now, before you stop reading because you may be thinking this is going down a negative path, give me a couple more sentences to explain. I think about all of the positive quotes we have put at the bottom of this newsletter, all of the topics that had a positive message, and the emails that have come back from many of you each week adding a thought or two. All of this causes a question to cry out in my brain. "WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?"
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