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Jim Paluch and Bob CoulterThe year 2020 has brought firsts for everyone in the world. There have been many significant challenges, terrible losses, and incredible blessings. One thing that I believe we can all agree with is that this situation has reinforced the need for and the power of LEADERSHIP. Throughout the year, Jim and I have been inspired by so many examples of individuals stepping up to the challenge and really lifting others up with them to maximize performance, as well as enhance quality of lives. For years we have focused on finding the most effective ways to engage leaders, managers, and supervisors to help them be their best selves while they help others to reach their goals as well. One of the most important ingredients that I have seen in the best of the best leaders today is witnessed in how they have chosen to keep themselves in the best possible spaces in the midst of adversity. Our 2021 virtual Leadership Jam has been designed as an experience to help create a learning and networking opportunity to help springboard rising leaders in their journey ahead. We are going to focus on helping people see where they are today and identify how to take key steps forward. One of our key areas of focus will revolve around how leaders need to have the right levels of maturity to maximize their performance.

Leadership Maturity Levels

Leadership Jam participantsBelow are the four levels of Leadership Maturity we witness in companies every day. Consider where you and your direct reports fall on the spectrum and where you would like to see yourselves in the future.

Level 4 - Working with my head up in the flow of the game, I am reviewing my performance with short-term checkpoints. Before I miss the commitment or goal, I see potential issues, make course corrections, overcome the adversity, and make necessary sacrifices to reach the goal.

Level 3 - I am proactively inspecting what I do and grading my performance. When I see where my improvement needs to be, I form a plan for how I’m going to make changes to reach my goals in the future.

Level 2 - My boss reviews how I am doing, points out performance issues, and I take responsibility for what I have done while making commitment to improve.

Level 1 - My boss points out a performance issue and I make excuses, deflect, and fail to take responsibility for my actions by blaming others for the problem.

Leadership Jam participantsIt is important to look in the mirror and understand where you stand today and why you are in this space. Being able to create the right self-awareness provides us with the starting point for personal growth. We need to realize that we can’t just race to the top of the ladder, but instead find ways to break through the next level by making specific personal changes.

  • Being able to move from Level 1 to Level 2 is all about having the right mindset and shifting our perspective. We have to become a builder that is focused on our attitude and how we approach our day.
  • Going from Level 2 to Level 3 is all about being proactive, raising our thinking, and working to be in front of other people, as well as situations.
  • To get to the top of the hill and to Level 4, we need to understand the actions that we need to take, know where we have to make sacrifices, and realize how we need to solve problems prior to them causing us to come up short.

As leaders, we have a lot of things that are thrown our way or new assignments/challenges that we take on that will push us down or back from progress. It is so important to manage ourselves in these situations so that we don’t slide all the way to the bottom of the ladder.

Leadership Habits

Even at Level 4 of Leadership Maturity we have to remember WHY we are succeeding and how we have found ways to get to the top of the ladder. This will provide us with the energy that can carry us forward to the next challenge. To sustain great performance as well as quality of life, there is a real need to cement the right habits that will keep us in the right space. Then with strong repetition, we are able to establish the right consistency that will reduce the valleys in our performance.

By looking at the life changes/work changes that we want to make, we need to set up the right expectations for ourselves and develop the consistency of hitting our marks. Determine what winning looks like for you 16 to 18 hours per day and what it will take to replace bad habits with the good habits that will carry you forward. It is in sustaining those right behaviors over 21 days that you will produce the habits you desire at the highest level of leadership. We hope you and your leaders will join us for the virtual Leadership Jam Experience where we will help you build a network of peer support, as well as make sure you lock in the right habits to achieve your objectives in 2021.

 leadership-jam-2.0In the spirit of past Leadership Jams that propelled the personal and professional growth and success of your leaders, we present Leadership Jam 2.0! In four two-hour, bi-weekly virtual events followed by open-mic Zoom meetings in March and April, we will make sure your leaders find new energy, focus, and commitment to their personal Leadership Maturity in 2021.

What can you expect in each of the four two-hour sessions?

  • Zoom InteractionLEARN - Two 20-minute active learning segments with Jim and Bob discussing Leadership Maturity and current leadership issues today
  • APPLY - Individuals take 20 minutes after each learning segment to work through exercises that apply the concepts learned.
  • DEBATE AND INTERACT - Twice participants will break into Zoom rooms with a group of 8-9 of their peers from different companies to share experiences and explore the topics.
  • DEBRIEF LESSONS LEARNED - The entire group comes back together after each Zoom room session to discuss the best things shared in the groups and to determine the number one lesson learned.
  • PERSONAL TAKEAWAYS - Individuals will work to determine what they will apply and write two simple goals to accomplish before the next session.
  • ENERGY AND FOCUS - As only Jim Paluch and Bob Coulter can accomplish in a JP Horizons Leadership Jam, leaders will leave each of the events with renewed energy and focus.


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Written by Bob Coulter, Training and Coaching Consultant, JP Horizons, Inc.

Bob Coulter joined the team at JP Horizons in 2002 after serving as a coach and developer of people for 22 years in the hospitality industry. Bob has helped individuals reach their potential and each organization to maximize their performance. He has worked extensively over the past 18 years with more than 60 green industry businesses as their business coach, producing exciting leadership and sales results throughout each organization. Bob has a passion for people and the process of communication that creates sales and organizational success today.

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