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3 C's of Communication

Being able to lead comes down to our ability to communicate. People trust leaders that are able to genuinely connect. I have observed teams grow and excel when the 3 C's of Communication are present.Jim Paluch and students

Courage - Be willing to have difficult conversations 
Candor - Being able to be very specific in addressing the issues
Consideration - Present the message in the listener’s frame of reference

To grow our effectiveness in communication we need to understand where we need to improve our skills and work to master the concepts of courage, candor and consideration. The better we do with these three the more effective we will be in communication. To demonstrate that we care about the people that we work with we need to be consistent in our communication. Ask the people that are closest to us to give us their feedback and then work on personal improvement. Challenge the members of your team to improve themselves and work on what it will take for the time to engage more effectively. By working by intention we will be able to improve our play and increase our effectiveness with the other members of our team.

Written by Bob Coulter, Training and Coaching Consultant, JP Horizons, Inc.

Bob Coulter joined the team at JP Horizons in 2002 after serving as a coach and developer of people for 22 years in the hospitality industry. Bob has helped individuals reach their potential and each organization to maximize their performance. He has worked extensively over the past 18 years with more than 60 green industry businesses as their business coach, producing exciting leadership and sales results throughout each organization. Bob has a passion for people and the process of communication that creates sales and organizational success today.

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