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I was wondering earlier this week if there was a topic we have not tackled in the People Solutions newsletter. I looked back through the archives and realized we have covered a lot of stuff. Then it hit me, like a bear coming out of the woods, startled then contemplative . . . I don't think we have ever tackled the subject of Passive-Aggressiveness. Why? It is a subject I find incredibly interesting, which borders on the edge of mysterious and comical if it were not so hazardous to the health of all involved.
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Fewer Distractions . . . More Discoveries

on 3/5/21 12:26 PM By | Jim Paluch, President, JP Horizons, Inc. | 0 Comments | Come Alive Outside
Several years ago, we shared our experience with bringing company owners to our home in North Carolina for three-day retreats with limited cell service and internet. What we thought would be a drawback to participants became one of the greatest takeaways. I was reminded of that newsletter this week in a conversation with someone on the challenges of being addicted to our smartphones. With time spent on these devices growing every year, the pandemic has caused an even larger dependency on that piece of technology so close within our grasp. Forbes reported in April of 2020 with the pandemic, average time on mobile devices was up 20% over 2019 to 4.3 hours per day. Most people check their phones 58 times a day and 30 of those times are during work hours. Even though most of those diversions are only 2-3 minutes in length and total screen time may not be impacting your efficiency, how often you are picking up your phone and getting distracted undoubtedly could be. With this in mind along with my own personal struggle to manage the impact of technology on my time, we have provided a few updated statistics on what most of us have turned into an obsession and will also share the previous insights on the value of getting disconnected from the distractions of our times. 
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Leadership Maturity

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A Great Time to Be Kind

on 10/30/20 1:36 PM By | Jim Paluch, President, JP Horizons, Inc. | 0 Comments | Kindness
Have you ever wondered in recent months just what you can do to make a difference in these strange and challenging times? I don’t think we can really comprehend the effects, great and small, taking place in everyone’s lives. Now, over eight months into this pandemic, people are getting tired of the struggle and scared of what might be next. With the uncertainty and strain of avoiding sickness, losing jobs, closing businesses, home schooling and the prospect of no extended family holidays, we also get to endure the weeks leading up to a presidential election. Now you might be thinking, "Jim, this isn’t feeling like the upbeat message I come looking for each week," but it is. I wouldn’t disappoint you. I’ve simply come to assess the current state and remind us all of what time it is. It may feel like the time to be cautious of others, the time to watch out for ourselves and our families, and the time to feel sorry for the things we are missing and not able to enjoy. But I have decided it is a more important time than we could have imagined. IT IS TIME TO BE KIND! What better mantra could we have right now, today, than to just be kind? Never before have we needed an extra dose of patience and kindness more . . . for our spouse, children, coworkers, neighbors, friends and family members that live far away. This newsletter is full of simple ideas that will make you and everyone around you feel better. Oh yes, when you don’t know what to do next, just remember, it’s a great time to BE KIND!
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IF by Rudyard Kipling

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