2019 Face-to-Face Lineup

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 We've created the 2019 lineup for Face to Face and are more excited than ever about this learning opportunity for everyone.

We will host four Face-to-Face events offered in different regions across North America at premier landscape companies, and below are some highlights on the topics we'll be discussing at each location.

Strauser Nature's Helpers
East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

September 19

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Here’s why someone from your company should attend the Face to Face at Strauser Nature's Helpers.
  • Creating the brand that enhances the customer's perception of what you do
  • Giving your field staff a career not just a job
  • The effective use of social media as a tool for achieving your vision and goals
  • Creating awareness and accountability to be profitable
  • Being involved in the community is more than just a service project.
“Zech and his team have always amazed me in that there is nothing too big or too small to try for the purpose of continuing to find A Better Way.” 
Jim Paluch, President, JP Horizons


Dallas, Texas

Lambert's 100th Birthday


October 29

Here’s why someone from your company should attend the Face to Face at Lambert's.
  • How do you celebrate 100 years in business?
  • Working with elite clients
  • Building a leadership team for the future
  • Riding the roller coaster of success – the ups and downs of business
  • Creatively tracking efficiencies in order to educate your team, better serve the customer, and achieve profits
"Paul Fields and Dan Morgan have been great friends to JP Horizons for many years and always bring insights and inspiration to every event. I’m excited for everyone to meet their leadership team and discover the energy and direction they are establishing for the next 100 years."
Jim Paluch, President, JP Horizons


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Complete Landscaping Service
Bowie, Maryland

Happy 40th Birthday!


November 7

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Here’s why someone from your company should attend the Face to Face at Complete Landscaping Service.
  • Celebrating 40 years in business
  • Supporting and growing the next generation of leaders
  • The importance of staying committed to measuring sales success
  • How street smarts create a culture of success
  • Running like a tremendous machine – a commitment to a vision, objectives and key results
"Don Stelfox and the talented team at Complete are as committed to growth in both business and people and know the best is yet to come even after 40 years."
Jim Paluch, President, JP Horizons

TLC Landscaping Design + Pools
London, Ontario

November 14

Here’s why someone from your company should attend the Face to Face at TLC Landscaping Design + Pools:
  • INSIDE THE OWNERS HEAD - Spend time with the two owners discussing how they work together, the short- and long-range challenges and opportunities they see coming up, and how they see the company continuing to move into the future, by doing the right things today.
  • THE SUCCESS OF DESIGN BUILD - Look at ways you and the TLC team can stay inspired to communicate as designers and craftsmen to efficiently serve the customer and create great outdoor spaces.
  • BEHIND THE SCENES - Talking through the processes that are so important for every company through the admin processes and support that help the sales be made, the work get done, and the money collected.
  • THE CULTURE - Look into the ways that TLC is currently attracting, training and retaining great employees, and share ideas how everyone can continue to improve in this important area and build the culture needed for the future.
  • MAINTAINING PROPERTIES - Discuss the importance of staying committed in every season as the fall transitions into the winter and spring into the summer, creating a strategy built on planning for snow and maintenance as well as developing the relationships with the customers and crews to succeed and grow in the future.
"Jay Murray is one of those individuals who I’ve always thought just 'gets it.' His understanding of business, people, and success permeates the entire TLC team."
Jim Paluch, President, JP Horizons


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Smart Companies

We would like to make a special mention of the companies that have not only supported but have made the Face-to-Face events successful in the past years: Greenius, BOSS LM, Western, SnowEx, and Fisher. These Smart Companies understand the value of getting great people in an event together with the purpose of collectively helping everyone to continue to get better. Their commitment to the landscape and snow professions goes beyond just selling stuff, and their active participation in the Face-to-Face events has helped all of us to learn more as well as helped them become aware on how to serve these professions even better in the future.


2019 Face to Face Event Schedule

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