Who is JP Horizons?

"To Energize a Zillion People" is not a marketing campaign. It is not a passing initiative that will be set aside. It is truly a mission statement. The question circulates daily in our office, "What have you done to ENERGIZE someone today?"

For 20 years JP Horizons has provided people solutions that drive business performance. We are proud of the fact that a consulting group does not have sustained success over this kind of time frame without having many successful clients over the years.

However, as an aspiring Lean organization ourselves, we have fully bought into the concept of "continuous improvement." "To Energize a Zillion People" we are comfortable with the fact that we will need to continue to find ways to improve our processes in order to better help those we serve. It is very rewarding to know that as we continue to add value to our customers, our customers will continue to find new ways to add value to their customers. We realize that our only hope of ENERGIZING A ZILLION PEOPLE is to ENERGIZE enough clients who will then further ENERGIZE those that they serve.

Through the Working Smarter Program, Coaching, Speaking, Books, and the best eNewsletter ever distributed, we continue to find ways to ENERGIZE those we serve. We know that as an energized community continues to grow, so does the potential to make a greater impact on the world. Say for instance to "Energize a Zillion People."

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