Speakers and Events

Jim Paluch

Builders and Destroyers

Every great thing that has ever been accomplished has happened through great people. But, what are the qualities that make a difference and how can you surround yourself with people that have them? In this energizing and highly interactive seminar, Jim Paluch helps participants see that there are basically only two types of people in life, "Builders" and "Destroyers." Through a fun look at yourself and those around you, you'll learn what Destroyers hate and the Five Important Things that Builders consistently do.

  • Jim Paluch's most popular presentation is a "HOMERUN" for any audience!
  • Learn the vital success principles from Jim's first book, Five Important Things, that has sold nearly 250,000 copies in three languages.
  • Develop the skills to understand personality styles and treat people the way they want to be treated.
  • Often called "life-changing," the fun concepts shared in this seminar have ENERGIZED and positively impacted hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals!

Working Smarter

When was the last time you or your team STOPPED, looked around at the day-to-day activities of the staff and realized this could be completed more efficiently, with even better service, and more value to the customer? In every industry it is imperative to Work Smarter with the time that we have available and use the resources of all of our people to do so. Working Smarter simply means doing more with what you already have in order to create the best culture possible based on great communication and teamwork, all driven by a focus on continual improvement of the product you deliver to your customers. Jim Paluch and his team have helped over 450 companies around North America save hundreds of thousands of dollars through their weekly Working Smarter Training Challenge. In this interactive workshop, participants will learn about the effective use of lean tools and will leave prepared to Work Smarter in their personal and professional lives.

  • Gain an understanding of what "lean" really means when you are Working Smarter.
  • Learn about the seven types of waste and how they affect your productivity.
  • Process map everyday operations, identify the waste that exists and explore how you can drive out that waste.
  • Create a new awareness of how you can Work Smarter in your business through regular communication and the collective genius of your group.

A Better Way

In this fun, interactive session, Jim Paluch will share his vision to help individuals and organizations come together to find A Better Way. By focusing on The People, The Profits, and The Planet, we can grow our team, our business, and create a sustainable future and better world for all those we serve.

As our business practices are inspired to become proactive in addressing the environmental demands in a changing economy, we can see the opportunity to become ACTIPRENEURS or individuals capturing the business opportunities of today while creating a better future for tomorrow.

  • Understand the importance of the three critical components of a successful Triple Bottom Line Company.
  • Hear strategies to Energize your People, Increase Profits and Benefit the Planet by finding A Better Way.
  • Learn about companies that are energizing their businesses by meeting the needs of the new green economy.
  • Create a business atmosphere that will help you promote the Triple Bottom Line.

Creating Organizational Excitement

Energizing Your Team! Jim Paluch has passion and 16 years of experience in coaching companies to reach their potential. In this high-impact seminar, he shares insights that are propelling companies around the country toward a higher level of success. By focusing on the fundamental business and utilizing the most valuable resource available to your company, YOUR PEOPLE, you can develop a long-term strategy to solve problems and create an atmosphere of energized individuals working together toward a common vision.

  • Discover how to create and communicate a compelling vision.
  • Explore the importance of focusing on market, teamwork, training, systems, cost control and rewards in your business.
  • Put a process in place that will develop the leadership skills of key people in your company
  • Develop a system of consistent and innovative training.
  • Separate yourself from the competition through customer-focused sales.

Roundtable Olympics

Few meetings are more effective than topic-focused roundtable discussions where individuals can share ideas and brainstorm plans of action. By interspersing team-driven "Olympic Events" with these vital topics being discussed, participants have great fun while waking up the right sides of their brains and providing tremendous input. Teams not only compete for the bronze, silver and gold Olympic medals, but they leave with a renewed sense of camaraderie, and ideas to implement immediately.

  • The Roundtable Olympics always has a profound impact on organizations and is an event your team will remember for years to come.
  • As a company-wide event, discuss and receive input on important topics in a fun, non-threatening environment.
  • Leave with great ideas that your team will put into action.
  • Blend departments and branches to create teams that rarely have the opportunity to communicate.
  • Leave as an ENERGIZED and unified team.

Building The Bridge To Unity

While creating a fun atmosphere and an imaginary situation of saving an aborigine tribe known a "TeamWorkas" from the man-eating tribe known as the "NoThinkas," managers are teamed up with 5-8 other managers in the organization and must build a 14-foot suspension bridge using dowel rods, popsicle sticks and glue guns. In the fun atmosphere of a tropical village, your group will relax and have fun working through the challenge presented and will never forget the process necessary to cross "Obstacle Gorge."

This program has also been used as a recruiting tool to understand candidates' personality styles and their approaches to tackling a task.

  • The teams discover in the very beginning of the exercise that delegation will become critical.
  • Planning, deciding the task and teamwork are used to create a dynamic atmosphere during the event.
  • The need for communication becomes apparent and develops throughout this fun and enlightening task.
  • Similarities between the bridge-building experience and everyday business and life become obvious and are discussed.

Bob Coulter

Leading Effective Meetings

It is the job of the leader of any meeting to provide an atmosphere where everyone leaves energized and focused, regardless of the topics discussed. When a meeting is properly prepared and facilitated, even the most serious discussions can be appreciated and built upon sending participants away feeling like they were part of a positive gathering. In this session Bob Coulter will explore the three reasons to hold a meeting: Share Information, Build Morale and Change Behavior or Problem Solve. You will leave prepared and energized to make every meeting you hold significant and productive through great communication practices.

  • Learn how to frame the vision and goals for a meeting that enhance effectiveness
  • Building an interactive meeting agenda that fosters participation while getting great outcomes
  • Learn how to facilitate discussions and group problem solving that engage all participants
  • Create a discipline toward decision making, closure and follow through

Having Fun Delivering Great Service

Delivering customer service in difficult situations will happen when we know our own strengths and weaknesses, when we can read our own emotions and when we have a clear sense of our self-worth. When we can take a fun look at our personal approach to service then it is possible to connect with our customers and give them what they are looking for. In this session Bob Coulter will take a creative look at the three components of great service; Warm Welcomes, Magic Moments and Fond Farewells.

  • Gain clarity on the difference between the tasks we perform and the essence of our work
  • Framing a service culture that demonstrates how we should treat internal and external customers
  • How to build our training to facilitate service excellence
  • Growing our communication skills as the vehicle of great customer service

Becoming An Exceptional Performance Coach

It is essential that managers' leadership skills develop in order for them and the company to grow. A company must have individuals who are placed in leadership roles, define the "wins" for the team, and then learn how to coach and direct performance toward those wins. This simple concept will create both short- and long-term success for the individual and the company. In this fun session Bob Coulter will explore the 4 Steps to Great Coaching and will send each participant away ready to lead with COURAGE, CANDOR AND CONSIDERATION.

  • Understanding the evolution that needs to occur when an employee goes from being a doer to being a coach
  • Learn how to construct a win - win agreement with each direct report
  • Skill development that puts us in a position to facilitate productive coaching conversations
  • Establishing the discipline to document what is important and building a structured approach for follow-up

Insights Discovery - The Power of Personal Effectiveness

For businesses to achieve their goals they need individuals that are able to achieve Personal Peak Performance and Effectiveness. In this workshop each participant gains a greater understanding of who they are, how they are wired and why we do the things that we do. There will be an opportunity to gain a greater sense of self awareness and how we can enhance our emotional intelligence. The program provides us with an opportunity to better understand others and how we can work with people that come from a different perspective. Teambuilding comes from leveraging diverse talents and great leaders are able to adapt their style and connect to others on their team to produce the best results.

  • Gaining a clear picture of our personality style
  • Understanding why we respond to different people in different ways
  • Growing our Emotional Intelligence
  • Learning how to adapt so that we can connect with others
  • Constructing a communication plan that grows our effectiveness going forward