Introducing the 2017 Lineup of Host Companies

JP HORIZONS FACE-TO-FACE events have been turning points for dozens of companies over the past 15 years. Combining a workshop setting with the opportunity to network and benchmark your business against some of the best companies in the country provides unbelievable learning opportunities for attendees. The one-day agenda provides plenty of time for an in-depth tour to interact with company leaders and discuss the successes and struggles within the featured departments. The learning then goes to a higher level as peers discuss and debate the best business practices observed and how they can be used to make your business better.

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Sept. 28th in Olive Branch, Mississippi

It's an encore Face to Face at Michael Hatcher & Associates. Our first visit to Michael Hatcher & Associates was in 2012, and a lot has happened there since then. The Michael Hatcher & Associates Team has grown every aspect of the company from their outstanding design build and construction division as well as doubling their commercial and residential maintenance business. Their accomplishments over the past year have really been inspiring with the opening of a new 22-acre headquarters called The Landscape Center built to be an efficient and state-of-the art facility for the Michael Hatcher & Associates team to serve their customers and also serve an educational center for the community to learn about the benefits of urban gardening and great outdoor spaces. Michael and his team have built more than 75 learning gardens at schools throughout Memphis in partnership with The Kitchen Community. They have hosted a Come Alive Outside Design Challenge to engage students at all levels with the concept of designing nature back into our lives. You can be sure that Michael and his team will offer the Face-to-Face guest an opportunity to "think bigger than you can imagine."


THINKING DIFFERENTLY - The Face to Face at Michael Hatcher & Associates will have a slightly different twist as we use this opportunity to look at areas in the company and think in terms of what innovation is needed to prepare for the future, by asking and debating the following questions: 
  • CUSTOMERS - What services and products will we offer to our customers in the future?
  • EMPLOYEES - How will we build and inspire the teams of the future to grow meaningful careers?
  • FINANCIALS - What will managing a financially successful company in the future look like?
  • EQUIPMENT - How can suppliers work with the profession on innovation needed for the future? 
  • TECHNOLOGY - How is technology impacting today's work, and how will it impact in the future?
  • LEADERSHIP - How leaders at all levels need to THINK DIFFERENTLY today in order to be better prepared for the future?

An Extra Opportunity:
Site One Landscape Supply will be hosting a fun dinner and gathering right after the Face-to-Face Event. Plant to stay and take an early flight out Friday morning!
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October 10th in Cedarburg, Wisconsin

"Of course we will host a Face to Face this year. I promised you we would."  That was Mike La Rosa's response earlier this year, and I instantly thought of the La Rosa Landscape Professional Promise that directs the decisions and approach the company takes toward business and serving its customers. Mike has built a solid and experienced leadership team that has learned to stay resilient and flexible working in the challenging weather and seasons of Wisconsin. They also have broken the business rule of staying focused on a niche market segment by offering a wide range of services and products to a variety of clients knowing that a load of mulch delivered in a professional way may one day lead to an opportunity to design and install an award-winning landscape or maintain a corporate campus. There is a lot of pride in the team that has been built, the headquarters they occupy, and the brand their Professional Promise has grown since 1989.


  • The marketing value in providing a wide range of services
  • Living by a corporate mission helps to make the right decisions.
  • Creating specialty crews that become the best at what they do
  • Expanding business in your own backyard through relationship selling and efficiency in servicing current clients
  • Allowing cross selling for all services creating cohesion on the team, which breaks down the walls between departments

An Extra Opportunity:
Western Products is opening up the doors for tours at 2:00 p.m. on October 9, the day before the Face-to-Face Event. Training clinics will be optional. A cookout will follow. 
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SOLD OUT - November 2nd in Allendale, New Jersey

Since 1989, Mark Borst has been committed to growing a great business, and that is why we only had to ask once if he would have an interest in hosting a Face to Face at his company. The entire team is committed to learning and continuing to perfect their ability to please customers through the elegance of classic landscapes or impress them with the efficient precision of snow and ice management. Mark knows that supporting the profession, the community, and the environment is the right thing to do and that, in return, he and his team will always benefit through the networking and learning opportunities they receive.


  • Creating the culture that retains great employees and the many benefits this brings to the company and the customer
  • Engaging the customer's imagination by creating clarity as to what their budget will allow them to achieve
  • Staying as committed to building a great business as you are to building great landscapes
  • Helping leaders stay focused on doing the work they do best and avoiding the curse of wearing too many hats
  • Mastering the challenge of multiple profit centers

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Face-to-Face events are sponsored by the Smart Companies:

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